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 (dā′vēz), Sir Peter Maxwell 1934-2016.
British composer whose avant-garde vocal and instrumental works draw on medieval and Renaissance traditions and are noted for their shocking, violent style.


1. (Biography) Sir John. 1569–1626, English poet, author of Orchestra or a Poem of Dancing (1596) and the philosophical poem Nosce Teipsum (1599)
2. (Biography) Sir Peter Maxwell. born 1934, British composer whose works include the operas Taverner (1967), The Martyrdom of St Magnus (1977), and Resurrection (1988), nine symphonies, and the ten Strathclyde Concertos; Master of the Queen's Music from 2004
3. (Biography) (William) Robertson. 1913–95, Canadian novelist and dramatist. His novels include Leaven of Malice (1954), Fifth Business (1970), The Rebel Angels (1981), What's Bred in the Bone (1985), and The Cunning Man (1994)
4. (Biography) W(illiam) H(enry). 1871–1940, Welsh poet, noted also for his Autobiography of a Super-tramp (1908)


(ˈdeɪ viz)

Arthur Bowen, 1862–1928, U.S. painter.
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