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 (dā′ăk′) or Dy·ak (dī′-)
n. pl. Dayak or Day·aks also Dyak or Dy·aks
1. A member of any of various Indonesian peoples inhabiting Borneo.
2. The language of the Dayak.

[Dayak Daya, Dayaq, upcountry (sense uncertain), Dayak.]


n, pl -aks or -ak
(Peoples) a variant spelling of Dyak


or Dy•ak

(ˈdaɪ æk, -ək)

n., pl. -aks, (esp. collectively) -ak.
a member of any of a number of peoples inhabiting the interior of S and E Indonesian Borneo and S Sarawak.
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Afterward, the cultural ambassadors spoke about tolerance and danced in the first Bali Indigenous Festival, which drew more than 300 spectators from across the archipelago and featured traditional Native American, Indonesian Dayak and Balinese performers.
Every visitor will be welcomed by Dayak custom ceremony, namely Potong Garung Pantan.
The operations, according to the spokesman, launched in Qarabagh and Dayak districts on Tuesday and would last until the militants "are wiped out from the area.
Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork with the Komando Pertahanan Adat Dayak Kalimantan Timur (KPADKT, Dayak Customary Defence Command, Dayak and other indigenous Kalimantese membership, active in East Kalimantan), with Brigade Manguni (Manguni Brigade, with an ethnic Minahasan membership, active in North Sulawesi and to a lesser extent in Central Sulawesi, East Kalimantan, and Jakarta) (5) and--to a lesser extent--with the Forum Betawi Rempug (FBR, Betawi Brotherhood Forum) in Jakarta, my aim in this article is to come to an understanding of the rise of the discourses of the regional ormas on security, protection, and rights, underpinned by (threats of) violence in Indonesia today.
2) From Masuk Melayu to Dayak Islam: Islamization of Dayaks and Dayakization of Malays by Greg Acciaioli, the University of Western Australia.
During the late 1850s and early 1860s when his uncle, the first rajah, was making increasingly prolonged visits to Britain and his elder brother headed the government in Kuching, Brooke with his Malay and Dayak lieutenants were the front line of enforcement against those who continued to resist the fading authority of the fragile British Raj.
22) In recent years, however, Dayaks have seen improvement in their political representation and economic opportunities, including the election of a Dayak bureaucrat to the province's governor.
Regime Change and Ethnic Politics in Indonesia: Dayak Politics of West Kalimantan
For his part, the Senegalese Minister of Health, who is taking part of the event, Baba Emadou Dayak, as well as the heads of Turkish and Iranian delegations to the conference lauded the heath, medical and preventive measures taken by the Saudi authorities during this year's Hajj to the satisfaction of pilgrims from all over the world.
The militants hit the post in the Dayak district of Ghazni province, said Colonel Mohammad Hussain, Ghazni's deputy police chief.
Like almost everyone in Semunying Jaya, he is Dayak, an Indigenous group in Borneo.
She was also one of the founding leaders and held various leadership positions of the Dayak Women's Association of Sarawak (Sarakup) founded in 1957, an association concerned with the socio-economic uplift of the Dayak community and the preservation of their cultural heritage.