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A city of southwest Ohio north-northeast of Cincinnati on the Miami River. Settled in 1796, it is a commercial center.


(Placename) an industrial city in SW Ohio: aviation research centre. Pop: 161 696 (2003 est)


(ˈdeɪt n)

a city in SW Ohio. 172,947.
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Noun1.Dayton - a city in southwest OhioDayton - a city in southwest Ohio; manufacturing center
Buckeye State, OH, Ohio - a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region
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My father had sold his paper in Hamilton and had bought an interest in another at Dayton, and we were all straining our utmost to help pay for it.
My father and his brothers had long dreamed of a sort of family colony somewhere in the country, and now the uncle who was most prosperous bought a milling property on a river not far from Dayton, and my father went out to take charge of it until the others could shape their business to follow him.
The City Of Dayton, Department Of Recreation And Youth Services Is Seeking Proposals From Highly Experienced And Professional Firms To Perform Professioanl Design And Construction Engineering Services For The Gdrc Parking Lot Expansion At The Greater Dayton Recreation Center 2021 West Third Street, Dayton, Ohio 45417
com)-- Dayton Home Improvement was recently named one of Qualified Remodeler's top 500 home improvement companies in the U.
A Centex consultant detected the rocket-fuel ingredient at levels as high as 62,000 parts per million in the sediment along Dayton Canyon Creek, about 1 1/2 miles from the lab.
1001's sponsor, Margaret Dayton (Republican, District 61), Utah teachers prefer to teach "the whole Bill of Rights.
senators from Minnesota, Democrat Mark Dayton and Republican Norm Coleman, said they attended the event briefly because some people from Minnesota were being honored.
Schaefer Furnaces Division, The Schaefer Group, Dayton, OH
Mead was based in Dayton, Ohio, and Westvaco was based in Stamford, Connecticut.
Earlier 500 people filled every seat at a reception in Dayton, Ohio, launching the city's Dialogue on Race Relations.
Dayton Contemporary Dance Company steers a steady course after Jeraldyne Blunden's death
Tax Accounting Rules Applicable to Inventory In Dayton Hudson Corp.