La Rochefoucauld

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La Roche·fou·cauld

 (lä rōsh-fo͞o-kō′, -rôsh-), Duc François de 1613-1680.
French writer of sardonic aphorisms, published as Maxims (1665).

La Rochefoucauld

(French la rɔʃfuko)
(Biography) François (frɑ̃swa), Duc de La Rochefoucauld. 1613–80, French writer. His best-known work is Réflexions ou sentences et maximes morales (1665), a collection of epigrammatic and cynical observations on human nature

La Roche•fou•cauld

(lɑ ˌrɔʃ fuˈkoʊ, ˌroʊʃ-)
François, 6th Duc de, 1613–80, French moralist and composer of epigrams and maxims.
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Noun1.La Rochefoucauld - French writer of moralistic maxims (1613-1680)
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Their enterprise was so successful that Cardinal de la Rochefoucauld, France's outgoing ambassador, hosted a banquet for the participants, and the Academy's director, Jean-Franqois de Troy, commissioned a sequence of paintings depicting figures from the masquerade.
When the French Revolution was still a few years away, the duc de Liancourt, an official in the court of Louis XVI, sent his two sons, Francois de la Rochefoucauld and his brother Alexandre to Suffolk, England, in 1784.
Heraclitus, the ancient Greek Philosopher documented this fact in his doctrines some 500 years BC, and in the 1600s Francois de la Rochefoucauld (classical French author) forever engraved the maxim oftenly quoted today: "The only constant in life is change".
The Loire is also a place for lovers of gardens, and there is none better than the Arboretum des Grandes Bruyeres, created over a 40-year period by larger-than-life couple Mr and Mrs de la Rochefoucauld.
Financial audit: Aimery de La Rochefoucauld - Audixia
Pentru majoritatea contemporanilor sai, Montesquieu a fost un spiritual filozof, mester in manuirea frazelor lapidare si a paradoxului (66), arta pe care invatase sa o aprecieze citind Caracterele lui La Bruycre (67), Maximele ducelui de La Rochefoucauld (68) si adancile ganduri ale marelui Blaise Pascal (69).
French moralist and writer Francois de la Rochefoucauld said that hypocrisy is the homage vice pays to virtue.
But as 17th Century author, Francois de la Rochefoucauld has eloquently said,