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Noun1.Willem de Sitter - Dutch astronomer who calculated the size of the universe and suggested that it is expanding (1872-1934)
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It also applies to the de Sitter cosmological event horizon [4] seen at [R.
This is like the De Sitter spacetime which has also ten isometries.
Named after the Dutch astronomer Willem de Sitter, who worked with Einstein on the spacetime structure of the universe, anti-de Sitter space is quite different from a flat space.
It is also well known that the geometry of the inflationary period of our universe is described with great accuracy by the de Sitter space.
However, de Sitter (1964) considered that some of these structures (flaps) are doubtless due only to gliding, with the slide of slab of competent sedimentary rock on a gliding surface formed by an exceptionally incompetent layer.
The concept is named after Willem de Sitter, a Dutch physicist who worked closely with Einstein in the 1920s in Leiden on the space-time structure of the universe.
1] (c) be an (n + 1)-dimensional Lorentzian space form with constant sectional curvature c, we separately call it de Sitter space [S.
29'25" Librations Pontecoulant (crater) December 7 Gum (crater) December 9 Gibbs (crater) December 12 de Sitter (crater) December 18
In addition to the Poincare superalgebra there are the conformal superalgebras, the de Sitter superalgebras, and the anti-de Sitter superalgebras associated with space-time symmetries.
A breakthrough came when it was discovered that De Sitter's description was a misinterpretation; the de Sitter universe is indeed expanding.
Furthermore, Zheng [9] studied spacelike hypersurfaces in the de Sitter space.
A Dutch astronomer, Willem de Sitter (1872-1934), however, was content to travel wherever Einstein's equations took him.