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Noun1.Willem de Sitter - Dutch astronomer who calculated the size of the universe and suggested that it is expanding (1872-1934)
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This brings a pressing need to better understand still enigmatic features of de Sitter spacetime that models our universe at late times.
The concept is named after Willem de Sitter, a Dutch physicist who worked closely with Einstein in the 1920s in Leiden on the space-time structure of the universe.
There are two distinct cosmologies that satisfy this condition: the de Sitter flat-universe cosmology and the dichotomous cosmology introduced in [2].
Later work by Willem de Sitter and independently by Aleksandr Friedmann implies the possibility that the universe is expanding.
In addition to the Poincare superalgebra there are the conformal superalgebras, the de Sitter superalgebras, and the anti-de Sitter superalgebras associated with space-time symmetries.
A breakthrough came when it was discovered that De Sitter's description was a misinterpretation; the de Sitter universe is indeed expanding.
With distributed operations in Antwerp, Brussels, and Hasselt, it is extremely important that we have the ability to efficiently manage remote systems, networks, applications, and databases from a single location," said Jan De Sitter, managing IT director of the GVA hospitals group.
De Sitter introduced the concept of "relativity of inertia" based on his analysis of the degeneracy of the [g.
That emptiness, Carroll suggests, would be a high-entropy environment technically known as de Sitter space.
Their topics include branes and stability, geometric transitions, non-Kahler geometries and string vacua, the K-theory of smooth DM stacks, Gromov-Witten, Gopakumar-Vafa and Donaldson-thomas invariants of Calabi-Yau threefolds, flux compactification geometries and de Sitter vacua in M-theory, N=4 super Yang-mills-theory and integrable spin chains, Yang-Mills amplitures from twistor string theory, and notes on correlation functions in (0,2) theories.
com or GVA Hospital Group Jan De Sitter, 32-2/773-28-11 32-3/247-02-18 e-mail: jan.