de minimis

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de min·i·mis

 (də mĭn′ə-mĭs′)
Of little importance; insignificant.

[From Latin dē minimīs (nōn cūrat lēx), (the law does not concern itself) with trifling matters : , of, about + minimīs, ablative pl. of minimum, smallest (thing), least (thing), neuter of minimus, smallest, least; see minimum.]
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However, the rewards of managing even a moderately successful hedge fund are so great that new compliance costs will have a de minimus impact.
Sure, the impact on country as a whole may be negative, but the specific cost to the individual is de minimus.
In the several circumstances where we use this approach, the amount of data that was sought to be used the litigation was a de minimus fraction of the overall data at issue.
The MUsT trial must demonstrate a de minimus rate of absorption of no greater than 0.
At this absurdly low amount, the Philippine de minimus is the smallest in ASEAN, which averages almost $200 or some 90 times the Philippine amount.
The transaction value is de minimus and does not constitute a notifiable transaction of HKT Trust and HKT Limited under Chapter 14 of the Rules Governing the Listing of Securities on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
The court noted that the Commission has held that any independent contractor that performs "more than de minimus services at a mine" is an operator under [section] 802(d).
A significant impediment to access information is the cost imposed on the public, even if the charge is de minimus.
Angola is the only country in Africa that has a formal and declared de minimus, and whilst all other Sub Saharan Africa countries have informal agreements, the fiscal clearance levels vary greatly.
Even if we accept a de minimus standard, which is an acceptable level above zero that is deemed safe, we still limit the food supply.
The report, commissioned by Mrs Hart, concluded that Finance Wales, which is wholly-owned by the Welsh Government, could significantly reduce interest rates charged on loans to SMEs across Wales without breaching state aid rules - under de minimus and effective use of the General Block Exemption Regulation in terms of firms receiving funding in the convergence area of Wales.
Currently, there is a de minimus rule that allows a taxpayer to expense any materials or supplies that cost no more than $100.