Dead flat

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(Naut.) the widest or midship frame.

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The house is situated on a dead flat, and seems to be shut in-- almost suffocated, to my north-country notions, by trees.
It'll look but a poor dead flat without the Mounds.
By my estimation the Orion shoots dead flat, which is pretty typical for a field gun, and the patterns produced at IS and 25 yards with an IC choke tube and #8 AA target loads were very consistent.
Given the tired feel of many of its older stores, some will view its dead flat sales numbers as a modest success.
I love the course and hopefully the wind will blow a little, but I put my money on dead flat water.
When produced as coils, Raex and Optim grades are temper passed in cut-to-length operation producing dead flat material with excellent surface conditions.
Available in three sheens--interior dead flat, eggshell and semi-gloss--KILZ PRO-X 100 Series is versatile enough to be used on a number of different surfaces, including drywall, concrete block, masonry, metal, wood, cured plaster, architectural plastics and poured concrete, among others.
Wiltshire's three televisions - they are actually dead flat panel monitors donated for the project by NextStep Recycling - display three messages that are painted and applied to the screens:
According to the book, during a gathering at Clinton's home in New York last August he supposedly told his wife that 'the economy's a mess, it's dead flat.
THE BUYS: Pictured top right: Scarlet Ribbon Period Colours Dead Flat Matt Emulsion, pounds 17.
A trend line drawn through a graph of monthly change in automotive sales is dead flat.