Dead line

(Mil.) a line drawn within or around a military prison, to cross which involves for a prisoner the penalty of being instantly shot.

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But then I should assert the spirit which dominated me, I should resist arrest, and insist upon bringing my ship back across the dead line, remaining at my post until we had reached New York.
The fate of the relinquished provinces which lay beyond the dead lines we could only speculate upon.
Then it was that I outlined to him my purpose to defy the regulation that had raised the dead lines, and to take my ship back to New York myself.
At least, they should not be able to charge me with a willful violation of the dead lines regulation.
I--" But he got no further; instead he turned and fled as Tarzan of the Apes crossed the magical dead line and still lived.
Earlier we have given a dead line to the BCCI for holding the series and we will be waiting another four more days and if we get a reply from them then we will do our best to hold the series by overcoming the difficulties which may come across in terms of its arrangements and allied issues, said Shaharyar Khan.
ISLAMABAD -- Election Commission (EC) has failed to suspend the membership of 350 members Assembly despite of not receiving the details of their assets as per the dead line.
I call it dead line, because it hasn't been off the spool in some time if I have been making mainly average distance casts.
It merit mention that according to the World Health Organization Pakistan is the only country in the world which is transmitting polio virus to other countries while the WHO give Pakistan 2015 a dead line to end the polio disease.
You'll waste precious time trekking to the phone only to discover it's an automated message, or worse a dead line.
Dead Line is Harlan Coben meets Lee Child in Marseilles.
The Day of Dead line from Cervecaria Mexicana has been an amazing addition to our portfolio at United-Johnson Brothers of Alabama.