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or deaf·blind  (dĕf′blĭnd′)
Being both deaf and blind.

deaf′-blind′ness, deaf′blind′ness n.


1. of or pertaining to a person who is both deaf and blind.
2. the deaf-blind, deaf-blind persons collectively.
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2003b) that has proven to be effective in fostering harmonious interactions with persons who have congenital deafblindness (M.
The key terms used included: sensory impairments and autism, autism and hearing impairment/hard of hearing/ deafness, visual impairments/blindness and autism, deafblindness and autism, and orientation and mobility and autism.
Martens and colleagues introduce the Intervention Model for Affective Involvement (IMAI), which is designed to be used to promote affective involvement during interaction and communication with persons who have congenital deafblindness.
Sint-Michielsgestel, the Netherlands: Danish Resource Center on Congenital Deafblindness and Viataal.
Liaisons were identified at both schools in order for the referral and assessment process for students with deafblindness to begin.
The coffee morning in support of Sense International's 'Finding Grace' campaign, aimed to raise money for a pioneering programme to screen 300,000 infants in East Africa for deafblindness.
I worked with a young, energetic African American boy with deafblindness.
Contractor address : National Centre for Deafblindness, John & Lucille van Geest Place, Cygnet Road, Hampton
And the awareness raised by the band's stunts has helped to raise awareness of deafblindness across the UK.
Congenital Deafblindness is Robbing 6-year-old of Sight and Sound
She said: "This is an amazing campaign and I'm so thrilled that Sense can both raise awareness of deafblindness and Usher Syndrome in this way.