Dean and chapter

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the legal corporation and governing body of a cathedral. It consists of the dean, who is chief, and his canons or prebendaries.
- Shipley.

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I wonder if the Dean and Chapter knew that he was a Radical when they elected him," another observed bitterly.
Paul's, or what you would feel if you touched its walls; it is further connected with what other people see and feel, with services and the Dean and Chapter and Sir Christopher Wren.
Meanwhile, the Dean and Chapter of Llandaff have commissioned a new independent review of the cathedral's structures and governance in response to the Church in Wales' Provincial Review of the six Welsh cathedrals.
As part of their own response to that Provincial Review of the Welsh cathedrals, the Dean and Chapter of Llandaff, with the strong encouragement and support of the Bishop of Llandaff, have commissioned an independent review of its structures and governance.
The Newcastle firm has worked with the Dean and Chapter of St Nicholas Cathedral on the Heart of the City Project, which aims to bring new life to the area surrounding the Newcastle cathedral and bring out the best in the iconic structure.
Property experts from Ward Hadaway, led by partner and head of commercial development Lesley Fairclough, worked on a pro-bono basis to advise the Dean and Chapter on the successful acquisition of the building after being contacted by John Squires OBE, chairman of motor vehicle dealers and Ward Hadaway client Benfield Motor Group and a lay canon of St Nicholas.