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 (dîr′bôrn′, -bərn)
A city of southeast Michigan west of Detroit. The birthplace of Henry Ford, it is an automobile manufacturing center.


 (dîr′bôrn′, -bərn)
A light carriage with four wheels, popular in the United States in the 1800s.

[After Major General Henry Dearborn (1751-1829), American soldier and statesmen (who is said to have been carried around the field in an early version of the vehicle when incapacitated by obesity during the War of 1812), or after his son Henry A. S. Dearborn (1783-1851), American author and statesman (who is said to have possessed such a carriage).]


(ˈdɪəbən; -ˌbɔːn)
(Placename) a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit: automobile industry. Pop: 96 670 (2003 est)


(ˈdɪər bərn, -bɔrn)

1. Henry, 1751–1829, U.S. soldier and diplomat.
2. a city in SE Michigan, near Detroit. 86,180.
References in classic literature ?
I am in the Sixth Reader but just because I cannot say the seven multiplication Table Miss Dearborn threttens to put me in the baby primer class with Elijah and Elisha Simpson little twins.
Miss Dearborn says use the words you CAN spell and if you cant spell seraphim make angel do but angels are not just the same as seraphims.
Miss Dearborn asked us what is the object of edducation and I said the object of mine was to help pay off the morgage.
Then, tumbled out of the cars without ceremony, they were no better off than before; they stood staring down the vista of Dearborn Street, with its big black buildings towering in the distance, unable to realize that they had arrived, and why, when they said "Chicago," people no longer pointed in some direction, but instead looked perplexed, or laughed, or went on without paying any attention.
The Board oversees both HFC and the Dearborn Public Schools.
Fords Dearborn campus transformation expands to West Dearborn today with the groundbreaking of Wagner Place, a unique urban development featuring office and retail space.
Dearborn explores how these seminal relationships would shape Hemingway's views of both women and men throughout his life.
Global private equity investor Advent International has announced that it has agreed to acquire a majority ownership interest in Fort Dearborn Company (FDC), a leading North American supplier of high-impact prime labels for the consumer goods industry, from KRG Capital Partners.
Political commentators and media outlets were quick to pounce on a "fascinating" statistic from Bernie Sanders' victory in the Michigan primary on Tuesday night: Democrats in Dearborn, a city whose population is 40 percent Arab, (http://www.
But for others, it harkened back to a dark period in its past: Many civil rights activists interpreted his motto--"Keep Dearborn Clean"--as "Keep Dearborn White.
The Demonization of Dearborn continues with a faked photo being circulated on social media showing a sign purportedly showing Muslims in that city threatening to kill "all" Americans.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 25, 2015-Fort Dearborn Acquires Beverage Label Supplier