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(ˈdiːzəl; ˈdiːʃəl; ˈdɛʃəl; ˈdɛsəl) ,




(Navigation) in the direction of the apparent course of the sun; clockwise
motion in this direction
[C18: Scottish Gaelic deiseil]


(ˈdi zəl)

clockwise. Compare withershins.
[1765–75; < Scottish Gaelic, Irish deiseal, Middle Irish dessel=dess right, south + sel turn, time]
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01926 645500 DEASIL ART GALLERY, OXFORD STREET, LEAMINGTON: Christmas exhibition, works by various artists, until December 23.
Deasil Gallery in Leamington is staging a mixed show in the run up to Christmas, exhibiting pieces by a number of artists it has worked with.
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