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Noun1.raw meat - uncooked meatraw meat - uncooked meat        
meat - the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food
gobbet - a lump or chunk of raw meat
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Okaz" newspaper in its editorial shed light on consecutive aircraft crashes, wondering: "Does politics enter on the death line and planes are falling at an alarming rate claiming the lives of hundreds of innocent people ?
The cop has featured in all seven of the Moseley-based author's books and is just embarking on her latest adventure in Death Line this summer.
Through Working Girls, Dead Old, Baby Love, Hard Time, Bad Press, Blood Money and now Death Line, Bev has also become a character with her own huge pile of baggage.
Her new novel, Death Line, features the murder of a ten-year-old boy in Balsall Heath but when the various suspects also start being killed, Bev and her team suspect they are hunting a serial killer.
At its advanced age, J0108 is close to the so-called "pulsar death line," where its pulsed radiation is expected to switch off and it will become much harder, if not impossible, to observe.
Gary Sherman, the director behind the classic British horror Death Line and Dead and Buried, is flying over from Chicago with a new print of Death Line, to talk about his work and to give a very special filmmaking masterclass.
There's a classic 1970s British horror film called Death Line, which saw the great Donald Pleasance investigating people going missing from Tube stations.
99) In his brief directorial career, Brit Chris Smith has cheerfully referenced such chillers as Death Line, Deliverance and the Hammer studios with his movies Creep, Severance and Triangle.