Debenture stock

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1.(Finance) The debt or series of debts, collectively, represented by a series of debentures; a debt secured by a trust deed of property for the benefit of the holders of shares in the debt or of a series of debentures. By the terms of much debenture stock the holders are not entitled to demand payment until the winding up of the company or default in payment; in the case of railway debentures, they cannot demand payment of the principal, and the debtor company cannot redeem the stock, except by authority of an act of Parliament.
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6 million of debenture stock and this, and the consequent effect on our rental income, has had a short term impact on our profits but we are now ready to press forward with our growth plans.
5 million secured redeemable debenture stock will be replaced by ordinary shares, giving HRI effective control.
Peel Holdings says the debenture stock issue will be used to pay off a number of short-term development loans.