Debenture stock

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1.(Finance) The debt or series of debts, collectively, represented by a series of debentures; a debt secured by a trust deed of property for the benefit of the holders of shares in the debt or of a series of debentures. By the terms of much debenture stock the holders are not entitled to demand payment until the winding up of the company or default in payment; in the case of railway debentures, they cannot demand payment of the principal, and the debtor company cannot redeem the stock, except by authority of an act of Parliament.
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Additional placing [pounds sterling] 690,156 Debenture Stock
6 million of debenture stock and this, and the consequent effect on our rental income, has had a short term impact on our profits but we are now ready to press forward with our growth plans.
5 million secured redeemable debenture stock will be replaced by ordinary shares, giving HRI effective control.
Peel Holdings says the debenture stock issue will be used to pay off a number of short-term development loans.
Debenture Stock due 2012 (the "Stock") at a price of 118.
Additional placing [pounds sterling]103,914 Debenture Stock
the issued Retail Price Index-linked Debenture Stock 2006 for the period from
Via Developments Plc, a newly incorporated investment company focused on real estate residential property in North West England is pleased to announce that [pounds sterling]530,000 7% Debenture Stock due 2020 (the "Debenture Stock") issued by the Company (the "Debenture Stock Issue") have been admitted to trading on the ISDX Growth Market under the ticker VIA1 and will commence trading on 5 November 2015.
13 million buying in its own debenture stock at the cost of a one-off pounds 1.
5 per cent First Mortgage debenture stock 2014 at a cost of pounds 7.
instalment: Debenture stock repayable after 5 years 548 1,643