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 (dĕb′ər-ə, dĕb′rə)
In the Bible, a judge and prophet who aided the Israelites in their victory over the Canaanites.

[Hebrew dəbôrâ, bee; see dbr in Semitic roots.]


(ˈdɛbərə; -brə)
1. (Bible) a prophetess and judge of Israel who fought the Canaanites (Judges 4, 5)
2. (Bible) Rebecca's nurse (Genesis 35:8)


(ˈdɛb ər ə, ˈdɛb rə)

a prophetess of Israel. Judges 4, 5.


[ˈdebərə] NDébora
References in classic literature ?
About this time they would hear Dairyman Crick's voice, lecturing the non-resident milkers for arriving late, and speaking sharply to old Deborah Fyander for not washing her hands.
Deborah, the prophetess, told Barak to take ten thousand men and sally forth against another King Jabin who had been doing something.
The Song of Deborah and Barak" praises Jael for the memorable service she had rendered, in an exultant strain:
The decent behaviour of Mrs Deborah Wilkins, with some proper animadversions on bastards.
She therefore no sooner opened the door, and saw her master standing by the bedside in his shirt, with a candle in his hand, than she started back in a most terrible fright, and might perhaps have swooned away, had he not now recollected his being undrest, and put an end to her terrors by desiring her to stay without the door till he had thrown some cloathes over his back, and was become incapable of shocking the pure eyes of Mrs Deborah Wilkins, who, though in the fifty-second year of her age, vowed she had never beheld a man without his coat.
When Mrs Deborah returned into the room, and was acquainted by her master with the finding the little infant, her consternation was rather greater than his had been; nor could she refrain from crying out, with great horror of accent as well as look, "My good sir
He now gave Mrs Deborah positive orders to take the child to her own bed, and to call up a maid-servant to provide it pap, and other things, against it waked.
The book presents an exhaustive, wide-ranging, and meticulous analysis of the reception history of the biblical figure of Deborah (Judges 4-5) in Jewish and Christian imagination.
After her husband David spent many years suppressing the desire to dress as a woman, he is now Leslie's wife, Deborah.
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