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 (dĕb′rĭt-sĕn′, -rĕ-tsĕn′)
A city of eastern Hungary near the Romanian border east of Budapest. Founded in the 1300s, it was the provisional capital from 1944 to 1945.


(Placename) a city in E Hungary: seat of the revolutionary government of 1849. Pop: 205 881 (2003 est)


(ˈdɛb rətˌsɛn)

a city in E Hungary. 217,000.
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With the start of the summer schedule, Lufthansa will offer passengers a second connection in Hungary: from 11 April 2016, Debrecen like Budapest will receive three flights per week by Bombardier CR9 jets.
In tonight's two other games, Lille are 2-0 up from the away leg against Grasshoppers while BATE Borisov, who made desperately hard work of seeing ofSkenderbeu on away goals in the second round, are no value at 8-11 at home to Debrecen.
A DIZZYING one-two left Cliftonville's Champions League hopes on the canvas in Debrecen last night.
But the obvious questions would seem to be: a) If he''s a 25-year-old Hungarian international with experience in the Champions League, he should be at the peak of his career - so why are Debrecen loaning him out to other clubs?
HUNGARIAN club Debrecen last night confirmed that their Champions League match against Liverpool in 2009 was part of a match-fixing investigation.
The European law enforcement agency said one Champions League match played in England is under investigation - and according to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet, Europol sources said they are looking at Hungarian side Debrecen who lost 1-0 to Liverpool at Anfield in 2009.
It comes after Liverpool yesterday insisted they have had no contact from Europol or any other body in connection with match-fixing allegations against 2009 Champions League opponents Debrecen.
Summary: Budapest: Hungarian football side Debrecen said Wednesday that they have had no contact from Europol .
London, Feb 5( ANI ): Liverpool's Champions League match with the Hungarian champions Debrecen in 2009 has surfaced as the English game recognized by police as being caught up in a betting scandal that has shocked the football world.
Low-cost Central and Eastern European carrier Wizz Air on Monday announced plans to launch two new routes from Debrecen to Eindhoven and Milan Malpensa.
Debrecen 0 Liverpool 1 IT is indicative of Liverpool's ongoing tortuous season that even the much-needed tonic of victory should be greeted with wails of anguish and pangs of regret.
Liverpool needed to settle the issue with a second goal as Debrecen continued to grow in confidence.