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 (dĕb′yo͝o-tänt′, dā′byo͞o-)
A young woman making a formal debut into society.

[French débutante, feminine present participle of débuter, to begin; see debut.]


(ˈdɛbjʊˌtɑːnt; -ˌtænt)
1. a young woman of upper-class background who is presented to society, usually at a formal ball
2. a girl or young woman regarded as being upper-class, wealthy, and of a frivolous or snobbish social set
[C19: from French, from débuter to lead off in a game, make one's first appearance; see debut]


or déb•u•tante

(ˈdɛb yʊˌtɑnt)

a young woman making a debut into society.
[1795–1805; < French; feminine of débutant]
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Noun1.debutante - a young woman making her debut into societydebutante - a young woman making her debut into society
adult female, woman - an adult female person (as opposed to a man); "the woman kept house while the man hunted"


débutante [ˈdebjuːtɑ̃ːnt] Njoven f que se presenta en sociedad, debutante f


[ˈdɛbjʊtɑːnt] ndébutante fdebut appearance n [actor, player] → première apparition fdebut single n [singer, group] → premier single m


nDebütantin f


[ˈdɛbjuːtɑːnt] ndebuttante f
References in classic literature ?
All our exclusive citizens will recall the Perambulator Parade Dinner, in which Last-Trick Todd, at his palatial home at Pilgrim's Pond, caused so many of our prominent debutantes to look even younger than their years.
was out = was a debutante, had been presented to society}
It is the Lady Eva Blackwell, the most beautiful debutante of last season.
She was hissed off the stage by the audience, partly from her own incompetency, but chiefly from the ill-advised sympathy of some persons in the parquet, (where the officers of the garrison had their admissions); and Eaves was certain that the unfortunate debutante in question was no other than Mrs.
The night consists of dancing the traditional polonaise, the presentation of debutantes, the graceful mazurka at midnight and dancing to beautiful waltz melodies.
Cecily, who was escorted to the ball by Antoine Dwernicki, was introduced to the other debutantes, who came from all over Europe, South America and Asia, the day before Le Bal.
On Saturday, the "Big Little Lies" star's daughter with ex&nbsp; Ryan Phillippe joined the 25th annual Bal des Debutantes at The Peninsula Paris Hotel in France.
The John Kiely-trained Henry's Girl, rated 81 on the flat, gets the nod over Joseph O'Brien's dualbumper winner Rosshaven Lady in a clash of hurdling debutantes in the wexfordraces.
The debutantes, who are also known as the real life Gossip Girls, stood in a reception line and greeted more than 1000 guests before being presented on stage.
Zion Church in Worcester presented the Debutantes of Central Massachusetts Debutante Ball at the Manor Restaurant and Banquet Hall in West Boylston.
The programme focuses on the daughters, or debutantes, of upper class families who model hats and clothes, and get lessons on protocol.
This ornament was given by three debutantes as party favors at their debutante party.