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A plateau of south-central India between the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. The name is also used for the entire Indian peninsula south of the Narmada River.


1. (Placename) a plateau in S India, between the Eastern Ghats, the Western Ghats, and the Narmada River
2. (Placename) the whole Indian peninsula south of the Narmada River


(ˈdɛk ən)

1. the peninsula of India S of the Narbada River.
2. a plateau region in S India between the Narbada and Krishna rivers.
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This broken line begins on the west coast of India at the 65-million-year-old volcanic site called the Deccan Traps (SN: 4/18/87, p.
JEDDAH: My Care Hala and AOT scored comfortable wins over Islamic Development Bank and Pepsi Deccan Knights respectively in the opening round of the Modern Pioneer Summer Premier organized by the Western Province Cricket Association.
New dating of the colossal Deccan volcanic eruptions bolsters the idea that the Chicxulub asteroid impact had help in wiping out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.
A primeval volcanic range in western India known as the Deccan Traps, which were once three times larger than France, began its main phase of eruptions roughly 250,000 years before the Cretaceous-Paleogene, or K-Pg, extinction event, the researchers report in the journal Science.
Also included is Thierry Adatte, a geologist with the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, who is Keller's long-time collaborator and a co-author on the papers challenging the time of the Chicxulub impact, as well as previous papers on Deccan volcanism.
Talking to media in Hyderabad, Deccan here on Tuesday, she expressed her great delight and happiness of her forthcoming marriage with Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik.
In another match in Kolkata, David Hussey scored a brilliant 38 not out to guide Kolkata Knight Riders to a thrilling five-wicket win over Deccan Chargers at the Eden Gardens.
India's UB group is set to increase its stake in Deccan Aviation to 46 percent after its open offer for a further 20 percent was oversubscribed, a UB group spokesman said on Thursday.
Deccan Aviation, which runs budget carrier Air Deccan, kicked off the exercise about a year ago by pulling out of Nashik and Agra after the two routes continued to make losses, a spokeswoman said.
The parent company of India's Kingfisher Airlines has said that it will buy a 26% stake in low-cost carrier Air Deccan.
20 /PRNewswire/ -- Air Deccan, India's fastest growing airline, obtained dual certification for a Full Flight Trainer(TM) (FFT(TM)) manufactured by Mechtronix Systems, the fastest growing global provider of flight training equipment.
India's Air Deccan already operates seven V2500-powered A320s, serving domestic