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A plateau of south-central India between the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats. The name is also used for the entire Indian peninsula south of the Narmada River.


1. (Placename) a plateau in S India, between the Eastern Ghats, the Western Ghats, and the Narmada River
2. (Placename) the whole Indian peninsula south of the Narmada River


(ˈdɛk ən)

1. the peninsula of India S of the Narbada River.
2. a plateau region in S India between the Narbada and Krishna rivers.
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Spink on text and Yaguchi on illustrations continue their analysis of a Buddhist monastery complex in the Deccan plateau in west central India that was excavated into bedrock during the fifth century CE in imitation of and homage to similar monastic efforts there that had been abandoned three hundred years before.
Most of the tributaries of Ganges, Yamuna, Brahmaputra and Sind are originating from the mighty Himalayan mountain ranges which are much higher than Deccan Plateau and are perennial in nature as they are fed also by the melting snow in the summer.
It is a rare book that manages to contain accounts of the Buddha, a movie star, an Abyssinian slave who emerged as a power broker on the Deccan plateau, the founder of the Sikh religion, and a brace of wildly successful Indian industrialists.
Originally horse traders from West Asia,they migrated to India when Muslim kings ruled over the Deccan Plateau.
Trust us, this will be of great use when you are on the road--be it the German Auto Bahn or while even traversing the central Deccan Plateau.
Bringing together 200 works, this show examines the heritage of the highly cultured Muslim kingdoms of southern India's Deccan Plateau.
In chapters 2 through 4 Dhere tries to peer further into the past by tracing iconographic patterns in temples across the Deccan Plateau and sifting through layers of mythology, ultimately to argue that Vitthal (along with Venkateg of Tirumala) originally emerged from the folk traditions of pastoralists in the southern Deccan.
An alternative to Chennai is Hyderabad, a city rich with tradition and history, located in Southern India on the banks of the Musi River and on the Deccan Plateau.
But new evidence shows that by the time of the asteroid impact, life on the seafloor - mostly species of clams and snails - was already perishing because of the effects of huge volcanic eruptions on the Deccan Plateau in what is now India.
2 -- Anamit Sen drove a Ford Fiesta around the Deccan Plateau from Gurgaon to Gurgaon via Gwalior, Jhansi, Shivpuri, and Ranthambhore.
Designed hundreds of years ago by practical farmers, Erys are a specialty of the unique topography of the Deccan Plateau, at whose edge Chennai stands.
Redgram is the major pulse crop grown in Zaheerabad region of Deccan Plateau to an extent of 50,000 ha.