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Noun1.December 8 - Roman Catholic holy day first celebrated in 1854December 8 - Roman Catholic holy day first celebrated in 1854
holy day of obligation - a day when Catholics must attend Mass and refrain from servile work, and Episcopalians must take Communion
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In this regard, fourth session was held at Quetta on December 8th, 2017.
He had stated that the JI will take to the streets on December 8th and true to his word, protestors have started gathering in frontof the AmericanConsulate, where a full-fledgedprotest will begin after the Friday prayers.
This Offering will be available to all those registered as shareholders before December 8th, the ex-rights date.
DOPER THAN DOPE 2 performs for only 2 shows: Thursday December 8th at 8pm and Friday December 16th at 10pm.
Peacefully at Berwick Care Home on December 8th, aged 88 years, John, beloved uncle to Sandy, Neil and Michael.
Public funeral on Tuesday December 8th at Bangor Crematorium, service at 3.
On December 8th, an engineering unit dismantled, a 6-kg explosive device planted by terrorists on the roadside of near al-Kesweh roundabout, as the terrorist takfiri organizations are attacking, looting and intimidating the inhabitants of al-Mkalbiyeh and al-Taibeh villages in al-Kesweh countryside.
Peacefully in hospital on December 8th, aged 89 years, Mary (nee Bailey), re-united with her loving husband Joe, a loving and caring friend of George.
Gray, longtime Northborough resident, died Tuesday, December 8th at Beaumont Nursing Home.
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - Make Mine a Double will be performed at the Margaret Armstrong Theatre, Stockton Riverside College, Harvard Avenue, Teesdale, on December 8th and 9th.
Muscat, Dec 16 (ONA) The weekly report of the joint inspection team at the Ministry of Manpower pointed out that the number of workers violating the Labour Law during the period from December 8th to 14th stood at (678) including (598) commercial workers (41) farm workers and (39) housemaids and their equivalents.
The December 8th and 9th protests which saw a number of civilians killed were over the cabinet's decision to move the headquarters of Wau County to Bagari.