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A participant in the unsuccessful conspiracy to overthrow Czar Nicholas I of Russia in December 1825.


(Historical Terms) Russian history a participant in the unsuccessful revolt against Tsar Nicolas I in Dec 1825
[C19: translation of Russian dekabrist]


(dɪˈsɛm brɪst)

a participant in the conspiracy and insurrection against Nicholas I of Russia on his accession in December, 1825.
[1880–85; translation of Russian dekabríst]


one of those who conspired to overthrow Russian Czar Nicholas I in December, 1825. Also Dekebrist.
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one of those who conspired to overthrow Russian Czar Nicholas I in December, 1825. Also Dekebrist.
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At the time when the elder brother, with a mass of debts, married Princess Varya Tchirkova, the daughter of a Decembrist without any fortune whatever, Alexey had given up to his elder brother almost the whole income from his father's estate, reserving for himself only twenty-five thousand a year from it.
Speranskii than the members of the secret societies who carried out the Decembrist Uprising.
A particularly nice touch is a lovely little bit of social history in an extended caption accompanying a portrait of the wives of one of the Decembrist coup leaders.
The Blacklist" (NBC) The beloved TV vet already has six Emmy Awards, and over 30 nominations, but this would be Emmy's last chance to reward Alda for his excellent performance as Alan Fitch, a senior member of the underground crime syndicate the Cabal, who met his untimely end in the episode "The Decembrist.
The latter treaty followed a brief fifteen-month war in which the Persians attempted to regain lost territory in the South Caucasus believing that Russia would be weakened by the Decembrist revolt.
The episode 8, "The Decembrist," hinted that Red and Tom knew each other and it was not only because Tom was once Liz's husband.
81) Although Ryleev's portrait of Susanin eventually inspired Glinka to compose his opera, "A Life for the Tsar," the poet's real contribution to Russian literature was his next major work, the narrative poem "Voinarovsky," which directly dealt with the theme of Ukrainian-Russian relations and appeared on the very eve of the Decembrist Rebellion of 1825.
Over the entire story hangs the crushing of the Decembrist Revolt of 1825 and the inspiration he and others nevertheless found in its martyrs.
5) Varya, Vronsky's sister-in-law and the daughter of a Decembrist, (6) is tainted by her father's status as an exile and is, accordingly, at an implied physical and social remove from other members of the gentry.
For the Decembrist Konstantin Ryleev, the History seemed to embody his own struggle against autocracy, while for Aleksandr Pushkin, the History was an admirable work of imperial Russian patriotism (pp.
Fourteen years later, the Decembrist revolt -- a movement of poets and army officers to topple Czar Nicholas I and establish a constitutional monarchy -- seemed to refute de Maistre's claim.
Once, in a conversation with Gyeorgy Konstantinovich, I learned that he had always been excited by the theme of the Decembrist Uprising.