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Noun1.decimalisation - the act of changing to a decimal system; "the decimalization of British currency"
change - the action of changing something; "the change of government had no impact on the economy"; "his change on abortion cost him the election"
تَحْويل إلى عُشْري
umbreyting yfir í tugakerfi


(ˈdesiməl) adjective
numbered by tens. the decimal system.
a decimal fraction. Convert these fractions to decimals.
ˈdecimalize, ˈdecimalise verb
to convert from a non-decimal to a decimal form.
ˌdecimaliˈzation, ˌdecimaliˈsation noun
decimal currency
a system of money in which each coin or note is either a tenth of or ten times another in value.
decimal fraction
a fraction expressed as so many tenths, hundredths, thousandths etc and written with a decimal point, like this. 0.1 (= 1/10), 2.33 (= 233/100).
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1971: Britain changed over to decimal coinage on Decimal Day.
The Decimal Coinage Act of South Africa was passed in 1959 and finally, on 14 February 1961, the new rand coins and cents were put into circulation.
Mason in 1956--his eighth on the matter--joined a petition by the Numismatic Society, prompting the New Zealand Government to set up a Decimal Coinage Committee in May 1957.
1966: Chancellor of the Exchequer James Callaghan, above, confirms the decision to change over to decimal coinage in 1971.
Then there was Decimal Bill, who led the charge to convert the staff and students to the new decimal coinage introduced in 1971.
That made Jefferson the first person in history to advocate a system of decimal coinage, and the U.
Originally, the Tremorfa mill was designed to produce 4,300 tons a week, but modifications in 1959 and 1961 increased the average capacity with culminating in a record 9,000 tons year Conductor puts decimal coins boy off bus A Port Talbot schoolboy faced a long walk home after lessons when he was put off a bus after the driver refused to accept decimal coinage.
January of that year saw the first English Channel crossing by air, in a balloon from France with a Frenchman and an American on board; a young Corsican by the name of Napoleon Bonaparte became a lieutenant in the French artillery; and the USA adopted the dollar as a unit of currency -the first nation to use a decimal coinage system.
Machin produced an effigy of the monarch for new decimal coinage in the early 1960s, which appeared from 1968 onwards.
He appreciated the value of timely reform and as a junior minister promoted reforms that included Catholic Emancipation, partial adjustment of parliamentary representation, decimal coinage, railway development, and support for libraries and the arts.
But the trip is unknown territory for him and the days of two-and-a-half-mile specialists winning the National went out with the introduction of decimal coinage.
WE went into decimal coinage and 80 per cent of the British public didn't know anything about it.