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n.1.One who decimates.
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where n represents acquisition noise, D represents the decimator operator, and H represents the degradation function [7, 12, 13].
The DS or decimator discards (Z -1) number of samples and keeps the remaining samples.
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The digital data is received at a sampling clock of 50 MHz and then processed as follows:16 bit high speed ADC Data is passed through a digital Mixer consisting of a 50 MHz Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO), a multiplier (16x16 bit), suitable low pass decimation and compensating filters (CIC and CFIR filters) of bandwidth 5 MHz to filter the entire unwanted signal outside the band and a 10 rate decimator to bring down the sampling rate to 5 MS/s for further processing Finally the DDC output will be In phase (I) and Quadrature (Q) signals.
NASDAQ: ADI) introduced today the AD9675 8-channel Ultrasound Analog Front End (AFE) with on-chip RF decimator and JESD204B serial interface, designed for mid- to high-end portable and cart-based medical and industrial ultrasound systems.
The dilation performed for each scale is now achieved by a decimator.