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SMARTS uniquely leverages data in the decision management environment to facilitate the capture of business rules in the context of use cases, asses the impact of changes in the decision strategy, and combine decision logic revealed in historical data with business rules based on business policy and expertise.
Analytic Modeler, model development and decision strategy software that enables a range of business users - from non-technical to highly skilled - to rapidly gain real and reliable value from their data in the FICO Analytic Cloud.
One major focus for Ceska is the optimization of its "pre-approved loans" decision strategy for existing customers.
That is, South African managers would use a decision strategy consistent with their individualist orientation, whereas West African managers would use a different decision strategy consistent with their collectivist orientation (see Table 2).
Inputs process include the decision issue (the issue that has to be decided upon) and the local decision strategy (including guidelines when to apply this process, typical selection criteria and typical evaluation methods).
The study examines the roots of a seemingly irrational human decision strategy that occurs in so-called binary choice tasks, which has perplexed researchers in economics, psychology and neuroscience for decades.
However, once an optimal decision strategy has been developed, business rules management software can be used to maintain and execute the strategy, allowing it to be put easily into production.
making a choice that is good enough) is the most common decision strategy.
The procedure for choosing a decision strategy from a decision tree is called backward induction analysis.
The Decision Strategy will give seminar participants a step-by-step approach to commercial real estate lending fundamentals, including: understanding current economic conditions, analyzing the developer and/or investor, analyzing the market and commercial real estate project, and making the credit decision," said Dr.
SMARTS uniquely leverages big data analytics to facilitate capturing, modeling and executing business decisions while assessing the impact of changes in a decision strategy.

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