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Noun1.Decius - Emperor of Rome who was proclaimed emperor against his willDecius - Emperor of Rome who was proclaimed emperor against his will; his reign was notable for his severe persecution of Christians (201-251)
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Koch-Schulte discusses the performance choices of Ben Walden, in his portrayal of Decius in Julius Caesar, who falsely interprets Calpurnia's ominous dream (2.
He writes that the city is known as Decius Augustus City because of the abundance of ships which transfer the pearl and spices between Iran and India.
Then, assuming the role of a persuader, Decius tries to talk him into going out with the aid of proximal modals:
Decius Valmorbida, the VP of distribution marketing at Amadeus, pointed out that merchandising products and services was a priority for airlines in order to differentiate their offer, meet the personalisation needs of their customers and optimise their revenues.
Some emperors waged war on Christians, describing them as traitors and conspirators, like Nero, the fifth Roman emperor, who accused Christians of burning Rome, and Decius, who ruled from 249 CE to 251 CE and ordered the killing of Christians as a sacrifice to the gods to stop the fatal epidemic of the plague that blighted his empire.
The melody by the name of Allein Gott in der hoh sei Ehr (for the hymn "All Glory be to God on High") was not a new tune but is reworking by Nicolas Decius of an older chant melody for the "Gloria in excelsis.
He has been seen on Broadway as: Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Scar in The Lion King, Decius Brutus in Julius Caesar, Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, and The Kentucky Cycle.
Decius Wadsworth, previously superintendant of the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, was appointed a colonel and given the title Commissary General of Ordnance (later changed to Chief of Ordnance).
These criminals are Shakespeare's Brutus, Cassius, and Decius, and they realize it--they are Mark Anthony's "men of honor.
The persecution begun under the Roman Emperor Gaius Messius Quintus Decius in 249 proved an occasion for both.
From across the stage emerged the conspirators, and from the hands of Decius Brutus a huge roll of white butcher paper unfurled toward Caesar's bed.