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He was an old man, and reminded Saxon of the sort she had been used to see in Grand Army processions on Decoration Day.
Vic Kerry is the author of numerous short stories, the stand-alone novella Decoration Day, and the novels The Children of Lot and Revels Ending.
Originally being from the UK, Brown was not aware that Memorial Day began as Decoration Day, and according to David Blight, an award-winning Professor of American History at Yale University, was first widely recognized by the public on May 1, 1865 when almost 10,000 people cleaned up and laid flowers at an unmarked burial field in Charleston, South Carolina.
It was erected in 1873 to serve as a location for patriotic meetings in celebration of Decoration Day (later renamed Memorial Day), which had been established in 1868.
On the second Wednesday of March each year, Liberians flock to cemeteries to honor their deceased loved ones on a public holiday known as National Decoration Day, scrubbing the headstones of relatives, clearing away brush from graves and decorating them with flowers and other mementoes.
Board of Education in May 1954 and a reading of the Gettysburg Address - a link to the holiday's post-Civil War origin, when it was known as Decoration Day.
It was also the site of the first Confederate Decoration Day.
The full effect of Ives' orchestral musical montage in Decoration Day is lost in this reduction but there's plenty to enjoy.
From walking through them with my father as he did research, playing in them with neighbor children, placing flowers on the graves of loved ones during Decoration Day, attending funerals, conducting funerals, moving interments, researching both individuals and historic events, and studying cultural differences, to being in awe of colossal memorials to the famous.
Known as Decoration Day in 1868, when General John Logan in his capacity as commander of the Grand Army of the Republic, called upon citizens to bring flowers--to decorate--the graves of Union soldiers who died in the Civil War.
Decoration Day in the Mountains: Traditions of Cemetery Decoration in the Southern Appalachians is an in-depth study of a cultural tradition established in the American Upland South, from North Carolina to the Ozarks.
Originally known as Decoration Day, the official holiday was proclaimed by General John Logan, national commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, on May 5, 1868, in response to national grief over the tremendous loss of life in the American Civil War.