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The conditions are related to the concepts of time and deducibility and should be applied simultaneously, whereas only one insight is needed in the liar paradox.
Unsurprisingly, given the focus of her earlier research, Lapointe's strongest moments come when she's spelling out Bolzano's views on analyticity, deducibility (Ableitbarkeit), and the grounding-relation (Abfolge) which Bolzano takes to hold between truths.
Indeed, inferential necessity amounts to complete deducibility by definition and has to be distinguished from incomplete deducibility, whose potential completeness means potential inferential necessity.
Underlying factors could include economic elements that are unknown, unobservable, unquantifiable, or not easy to compute, such as structural changes in markets (eg land use restrictions) or in the level of government interventions in markets that are difficult to measure (eg homeowner's interest deducibility from taxes, grants for first time home buyers, and cuts in rental properties' taxes), and those factors of 'irrational exuberance' or changing tastes.
Meanwhile, the additional deducibility for R&D expenditure rose to 50 percent and applies to activities carried out both in Romania and abroad.
a defined sentence in an S-denied theory can be partially deducible and partially undeducible (we talk about degrees of deducibility of a sentence in an S-denied theory).
For, deducibility is presupposed by the very possibility of improvement through criticism, which depends on deductively valid arguments which transmit truth from premises to conclusion (are truth-preserving) and retransmit falsity from the conclusion to the conjunction of the premises.
With the current maximum deducibility limit at 100%, it impossible to create sufficient savings to protect plans in the event of a downturn in the market.
To benefit from the tax deducibility of interest payments on debt raised to repurchase shares.
Within the official estimate for fiscal year 1993, federal tax loss was the tax deducibility of principal repayment in leveraged ESOPs.
Acceptance is subjectively closed under deducibility (that is, anyone who accepts certain premises and accepts that some proposition follows from those premises, accepts that proposition), whereas belief is not.
Its resources pivot on matters of meaning, truth, and deducibility, and thus only decide questions of compatibility; on questions of priority it has nothing to say.