n.1.(Zool.) The pilot whale or blackfish.
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Under Section 154 of the Income Tax Act, when an application for amendment is made by an assessee, deductor or collector with a view to rectifying any mistake in their case records prepared by the assessing officer ( AO) of the department, it is incumbent on the AO to either allow the amendment or reject the claim after perusal of records within six months.
Therefore, it has recommended that a non-resident can furnish to the deductor his tax identification number (instead of PAN) in the country of residence, and in case there is no such number, a unique number on the basis of which the person is identified by the government can be issued.
The TRC has to be submitted to the deductor (in most cases it is a bank).
The Supreme Court has rejected this view of the assessing officer and held that interest has to be paid in every case where tax has been paid in excess of the statutory liability, irrespective of whether such tax is paid by the assessee on his own account or in his capacity as a deductor.
No obstante, esta relacion de patrocinio de la familia imperial tambien debio darse en otras ciudades hispanas que recibieron un estatuto privilegiado de Cesar o de Augusto; asi como en colonias mandadas deducir por cualquiera de ambos personajes, puesto que al asumir el papel de deductor coloniae o de parens municipii, tanto el Divus Iulius como el Princeps y, por tanto, sus descendientes tendrian derecho a ser nombrados patroni.
28 o deductor, l'"accompagnatore di un candidato", in Q.
iii) Deductor for Rough and Final part (DRF): The DRF module separates the information of rough and final part which is required for generating strings and finish cut machinable volume calculation.
Preliminary results in this section seem to point to the fact that narrowing-driven partial evaluation is better suited to performing deforestation (and elimination of multiple traversals of the same data structure) than the partial deductor ECCE.
The company said it fully supports a premium for depot sales and the elimination of the large coil (ingot recovery coil) deductor.
06-per-pound deductor to distributors and by adding five percent to current OEM transaction prices.
In any other case taxpayer can select the option No further Data Correction Required, Reprocess the case where the mistake in processing may have occurred due to non-reporting of TDS by deductor etc.