deer hunter

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Noun1.deer hunter - hunter of deerdeer hunter - hunter of deer      
hunter, huntsman - someone who hunts game
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Big Whitetail Dreams is an organization focused on developing premium products for the dedicated deer hunter.
Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter SKYFALL |Robert De Niro in The Deer Hunter V2, 8pm) SKYFALL (Wednesday, ITV2, 8pm) AFTER a botched mission which leaves him washed up, in more ways than one, James Bond (Daniel Craig) resurfaces when MI6 is targeted by shadowy forces.
But for a new deer hunter reading Shots at Whitetails, Chapter Nine could be the most important.
SALADO, Texas, April 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mustang Creek Ranch, a favorite destination for whitetail deer hunters, reported 2013 hunting statistics.
Trivia: Streep was engaged to Deer Hunter co-star John Cazale until his death from cancer in 1978.
Both the book and The Deer Hunter Blu-Ray special are available in stores now.
Michael Cimino's popular The Deer Hunter (1978) ended with the battle-worn, disillusioned and probably unemployed steel worker played by Robert DeNiro coming face to face with a big buck in a surreal mountainous terrain.
Visit Glu's kiosk to see demos of the APK Expansion File and Subscriptions technologies in Glu's top titles: Deer Hunter Reloaded and Frontline Commando.
com)-- Texas outdoor insurance specialist today called on Deer hunters to ensure they have adequate Deer hunting accident insurance before going hunting this season.
We've taken the Deer Hunter franchise to the next level withprecision controls, vibrant realism, ultra high-end 3D graphics and tons of weapon customization options.
I am far from an expert deer hunter even though I have hunted deer for a dozen years in New England.
In "The Pocket Deer Hunting Guide: Successful Hunting With A Rifle Or Shotgun", author and avid deer hunter Steve Carpenteri draws upon his more than forty years of experience and expertise to create an invaluable, practical, and thoroughly 'user friendly' reference guide that is ideal for the novice and of significant utility for even the experienced hunter.