deer fly

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or deer fly  (dîr′flī′)
Any of various biting tabanid flies of the genus Chrysops, the females of which feed on the blood of mammals. Deerflies are smaller than horseflies and usually have a dark band on the wings.

deer′ fly`

any of several tabanid flies of the genus Chrysops, the female of which is a vector of tularemia.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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The woods are unpleasant, thanks to black and deer flies.
The list goes on and on, including vampire finches, hood mocking birds, horseflies, deer flies, vampire moths, bed bugs, mites, lice, leeches, lampreys, torpedo snails, a small, transparent catfish in the Amazon River called a candiru, and more.
The family Tabanidae includes horse flies, deer flies, and yellow flies, which are considered significant pests of livestock in the United States (Hansens 1979; Goodwin et al.
Black flies, turkey gnats, buffalo gnats, deer flies and horse flies are well-known members of this group.
Deer flies attacked Matika and me whenever we took a water break.
Recently, more than 20 people braved 90-degree heat and hordes of mosquitoes and deer flies to accompany Cohen on a two-hour trek through the fields and woods of Sibley Farm in Spencer.
Left uncontrolled, swarms of deer flies and horseflies can madden horses and cows.
All biting flies (horse flies, deer flies, stable flies, black flies, mosquitoes, etc.
Humans become infected through contact with infected animal tissues, ingestion of contaminated food or water, inhalation of contaminated aerosols, and bites of arthropods, especially ticks and deer flies.
With mosquitoes and deer flies buzzing around my head, I looked at my watch--1:40 p.
Not only are these woods-edge food sources palatable and highly preferred, but deer also enjoy them because edges offer relief from swarming deer flies and other insects.
It was truly one of the greatest times I ever had, despite the mosquitoes, the deer flies and the chiggers,'' he said.