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n.1.A goddess.
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These costs are felt not only through direct spending by state and federal corrections departments, but they are also felt in indirect ways through assistance programs (Nelson, Deess, & Allen 1999; Petersilia, 2003).
These problems were clearly presented in a study by the Vera Institute of Justice in New York City, which illustrated issues confronting inmates released from prison, such as finding a job, alcohol and drug abuse, continued involvement in crime, and the impact of parole supervision (Nelson, Deess and Allen, 1999).
Deess identify the International Criminal Court (ICC) as one important institutional context where democratic values and institutional legitimacy could potentially be fostered through establishing a role for the deliberative global "micro-publics" embodied in citizens' juries.
We focused on the first three months after release because that is a critical period in the transition from prison to the community (Lynch & Sabol, 2001; Maruna, 2001; Nelson, Deess, & Allen, 1999).