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def·er·ent 1

 (dĕf′ər-ənt, dĕf′rənt)
Showing deference; deferential.

def·er·ent 2

 (dĕf′ər-ənt, dĕf′rənt)
1. Anatomy Carrying down or away. Used of a duct or vessel.
2. Serving or adapted to carry or transport.

[Middle English defferent, from Latin dēferēns, dēferent-, present participle of dēferre, to carry away; see defer2.]


another word for deferential


(Physiology) (esp of a bodily nerve, vessel, or duct) conveying an impulse, fluid, etc, outwards, down, or away; efferent
(Astronomy) astronomy (in the Ptolemaic system) a circle centred on the earth around which the centre of the epicycle was thought to move
[C17: from Latin dēferre; see defer2]


(ˈdɛf ər ənt)

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Adj.1.deferent - showing deference
respectful - full of or exhibiting respect; "respectful behavior"; "a respectful glance"


a. deferente, hacia afuera.
References in classic literature ?
The Wizard now arose and made a low bow to Ozma and another less deferent bow to the assembled company.
A et directeur de la publication d'Al Bayane, la Redaction et l'ensemble du personnel technique et administratif de l'entreprise presentent leurs voeux deferents a SM le Roi Mohammed VI, Amir Al Mouminine.
De son cote, le ministre tchadien des Affaires etrangeres a tenu, au nom des participants au seminaire, a adresser au president de la Republique, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, leurs remerciements et leurs [beaucoup moins que] respects deferents [beaucoup plus grand que] et d'exprimer leur [beaucoup moins que] reconnaissance pour son œuvre pour la paix et la securite en Afrique [beaucoup plus grand que].
L'absence de canaux deferents et de vesicules seminales est une cause tres rare d'infertilite masculine.
For example, at that time the Earth was viewed as being in the center of the cosmos, surrounded by the Moon, Sun, and planets, which revolved around it in large spherical orbits called deferents.