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If that did not quite defly the laws of physics, it did give engineers a very tough task.
Critique: A master of the short story format, author Vic Amato defly creates truly memorable characters within his original and highly entertaining stories.
Defly plan to Tweet & Retweet from all sides of conflict.
98) A RPA called the Defly Micro is under development that is just "3 grams and has a size of 10 cm from wing tip to wing tip.
However, Mukamel, Zwanziger, and Tomaszewski (2001), Defly and McKay (2006), and McKay and Deily (2008) used outcomes as the dependent variables, where hospital cost was one explanatory variable.
Written by their daughter-in-law, this joint biography defly interlaces the personal and political to tell a human story behind the national struggle.