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 (dē-fĭb′rə-lāt′, -fī′brə-)
tr.v. de·fib·ril·lat·ed, de·fib·ril·lat·ing, de·fib·ril·lates
To stop the fibrillation of (a heart) and restore normal contractions through the use of drugs or an electric shock.

de·fib′ril·la′tion n.
de·fib′ril·la′tive adj.
de·fib′ril·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.


(dɪˌfaɪbrɪˈleɪʃən; -fɪb-)
(Medicine) med the application of an electric current to the heart to restore normal rhythmic contractions after the onset of atrial or ventricular fibrillation
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Noun1.defibrillation - treatment by stopping fibrillation of heart muscles (usually by electric shock delivered by a defibrillator)
medical aid, medical care - professional treatment for illness or injury


n. desfibrilación, acción de cambiar latidos irregulares del corazón a su ritmo normal.


n desfibrilación f
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