Dehra Dun

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Deh·ra Dun

or Deh·ra·dun (dā′rə-do͞on′)
A city of northern India north-northeast of Delhi. The provisional capital of Uttarakhand, it is a trade center and has a forestry college.

Dehra Dun

(ˈdɛərə ˈduːn)
(Placename) a city in N India, the capital of Uttarakhand (formerly Uttaranchal): Indian military academy (1932). Pop: 447 808 (2001)

Deh•ra Dun

(ˈdeɪ rə ˈdun)
a city in NW Uttar Pradesh, in N India. 294,000.
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Devi Prasad was born in 1921 at Dehra Dun, and joined Kala Bhavana as a student in 1938.
But when I reached Dehra Dun, I saw a huge crowd had gathered to wish him and realised I was just another person and not a son.
In India, the inhabitants of Dehra Dun live below the poverty threshold.
On my most recent trip, I spent two weeks documenting the daily activities of two Islamic madrassas in the city of Dehra Dun in northern India, plus an Islamic women's sewing group and the Hindu pilgrimage destination of Rishikesh.
He offered me a free pass and I declined, because I had to board the coach that evening for Mussorie, via Dehra Dun, and certainly, I would be uncomfortable sitting with sleazy politicians and appearing like a flunky, clapping when everyone clapped.
He joined the Royal Indian Military College (RIMC) at Dehra Dun in 1934, and joined Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve (IAFVR) during the World War II.
There is no way to fly from Lucknow to Dehra Dun, for example, or if you are a tourist in Rajasthan, you cannot get from Jaipur to Udaipur," says Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director, Bird Group.
Dr Singh also talked about the Centre's plan to establish a National Institute of Himalayan Glaciology in Dehra Dun hoping to get international cooperation in this vital area.
Tiwari was forced to quit as the Andhra Pradesh governor on December 26 following his alleged involvement in a sex-scandal and has since returned to the Uttarakhand capital Dehra Dun.
See the dreadful reports we are getting from Dehra Dun and Jabalpur," said Joseph, whose telephone hardly stops ringing with calls from journalists seeking reaction.
After leaving school towards the end of the war, Kininmonth volunteered for service in the Indian Army and enlisted with the 3rd Gurkha Rifles at Dehra Dun.
The 12-hour train journey to Dehra Dun, a town in northern India in the foothills of the Himalayas, was a not on his original itinerary.