v. t.1.To disintegrate.
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The mother (feminine energy) is a home-maker, that is she makes the house into a home, and she develops within it nurturance, a capacity to digest and embody the nourishment from outside, utilizing the containing safety to relax, deintegrate, and renew.
For instance, the firm could integrate R&D and advertising, and deintegrate distribution.
the firm may choose to integrate or deintegrate the function.
Deintegrate, disintegrate, unintegrate: A Buddhist perspective in Heart-Centered therapies.
It has no desires, no memory, no thoughts, no images but out of it by transformation all of these can deintegrate.
Effective change, such as developmental growth, requires a willingness to deintegrate or unlearn, to journey to the source, to recognize and neutralize any guardians defending the threshold through which that journey must cross, and to understand the magical nature of creation in order to return from the journey successfully.
The second article is Deintegrate, Disintegrate, Unintegrate: A Buddhist Perspective in Heart-Centered Therapies by David Hartman and Diane Zimberoff.
Virtually every one of them followed a deliberate choice to deintegrate within a therapeutically and/or spiritually contained process.
In the book Reynolds sees two risks for theological interpretations of these conditions: the risk that theology deintegrates disability or for theological trivialization of disability.