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n.1.See Dais.
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The public hearing will be held to inform about the planned project and to receive public input and comments on the DEIS.
He said: "As a matter of urgency, she should remove the cap on the expansion of the programme and put in place suggested measures to enhance funding and supports for our urban DEIS schools".
Second, the DEIS failed to propose the use of one safeguard - an acoustic control system for blowout prevention - that might have promptly contained the spill when the manual blowout preventers failed.
The DEIS for PFS's proposal cannot satisfy the requirements of the law, because there can be no expectation that nuclear waste will be removed from the facility at the end of the lease period, which clearly creates a serious negative impact on the environment and potential endangerment to the survival of its Goshute Shoshone peoples.
The DEIS admitted that there could be a potential for "non-serious injury" should a whale or turtle swim within a kilometer of the device while in operation.
As a rationale for choosing road development, the Forest Service stated in the DEIS that paving provides for the "highest level of additional motorized opportunities" and the "highest level of additional recreation capacity.
Rebel TD Patrick Nulty said there should be "zero" cutbacks to DEIS (Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools), resource teachers and called on the Government to tax the wealthy.
All interested parties will be able to comment on the DEIS at a public hearing.
Gargano added that the board also authorized a public hearing on both the general project plan and DEIS.
According to the DEIS, the overall impact to the environment is estimated to be minimal.