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dé•jà vu

(ˌdeɪ ʒɑ ˈvu, ˈvyu; Fr. deɪ ʒa ˈvü)
1. the illusion of having previously experienced something actually being encountered for the first time.
2. disagreeable familiarity or sameness.
[1900–05; < French: literally, already seen]
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21: The Subtle Image: contemporary figurative art Produced by Antecedent Projects @ Dejavu Gallery - 223 E 60th Street, Fl 2 NY, NY 10022 on view daily from 1 - 9 pm
These two films were a part of a series of four short films created by Leo Burnett, produced by Dejavu and directed by Ali Ali and Maged Nassar to promote du's 'Cinema Tuesdays'.
The sense of dejavu invoked in the title I Saw it Once in the Indus Valley Civilization' is palpable.
Within his first few months in office, in what seemed like dejavu to many Mexicans, troops were sent to Michoacan to deal with rising insecurity and the emergence of new "self-defense" groups.
2 You can be high and mighty in these Dejavu heels by designer Steve Madden.
Seeing Phil lying unconscious in the pit at The Arches will give long-time viewers a sense of dejavu.
Therem ayb ea senseo f dejavu for QPR, w hol ost4-0 ath ome to Boltono n the first day ofl ast season.
The new Intrude pump has a classic pointed toe, suitable for jeans and party dress, while the Dejavu features a high platform.
It was almost a case of dejavu on Friday night, when Mathews (64 off 76 balls) shared a 46-run last-wicket stand with Dhammika Prasad and almost won the match for Sri Lanka at the WACA, which they eventually lost by five runs.
Ultimate Winter Lodges" (December, page 50) gave me a feeling of dejavu when I saw the picture of a skier at Homewood resort.