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 (dĕk′ər), Thomas 1572-1632.
English playwright whose comedy The Shoemaker's Holiday (1600) is notable for its vivid portrayal of daily life in London.


(ˈdɛkə) or


(Biography) Thomas. ?1572–?1632, English dramatist and pamphleteer, noted particularly for his comedy The Shoemaker's Holiday (1600) and his satirical pamphlet The Gull's Hornbook (1609)


or Deck•er

(ˈdɛk ər)

Thomas, 1572?–1632?, English playwright.
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Noun1.Dekker - English dramatist and pamphleteer (1572-1632)Dekker - English dramatist and pamphleteer (1572-1632)
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about 1575 to about 1619), son of a counsellor of Queen Elizabeth, a lawyer; and Thomas Dekker (about 1570 to about 1640), a ne'er-do-weel dramatist and hack-writer of irrepressible and delightful good spirits.
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Four Birds of Noah's Ark by Thomas Dekker (Eerdmans, 2017)
The Descent by Thomas Dekker (Sportsbookofthemonth.
On the night he died his carers dropped him off in Finglas before he headed to Blanchardstown where he met Noone and Richard Dekker.
This collected works volume attributes The Whole Royal and Magnificent Entertainment of King James through the City of London, 15 March 1604, with the Arch's of Triumph not only to Middleton, but also to 'Thomas Dekker, Stephen Harrison, Ben Jonson, and Thomas Middleton'.
TWO-TIME champion Adrian Lewis begins his quest for a third William Hill World Championship crown today when he takes on Jan Dekker in round one - and he is insistent he is ready to get his title back.
LOS ANGELES -- Sam Dekker hit 5 of Wisconsin's 10 3-pointers in the second half on his way to a second straight career high of 27 points, Frank Kaminsky added 29 points and the top-seeded Badgers beat No.
ADAMS showed there is plenty of life left in the old Wolf with a first-round revenge mission over Jan Dekker.
MARTIN ADAMS showed there is plenty of life left in the old Wolf with yesterday's first-round Lakeside win over Jan Dekker.
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Whilst the Admiral's company prepared to move playhouse, playwrights like Dekker were canting out their own dieatrical reputations and targeting London audiences in revealing ways.