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 (dĕl′bro͝ok′, -brük′), Max 1906-1981.
German-born American biologist. He shared a 1969 Nobel Prize for investigating how viruses infect bacteria and replicate themselves.


(Biography) Max. 1906–81, US molecular biologist, born in Germany. Noted for his work on bacteriophages, he shared the Nobel prize for physiology or medicine in 1969


(ˈdɛl brʊk)

Max, 1906–81, U.S. biologist, born in Germany.
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Noun1.Delbruck - United States biologist (born in Germany) who studied how viruses infect living cells (1906-1981)
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Reporting in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Carmen Birchmeier and Luis Hernandez-Miranda, of the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, and their colleagues showed that infant mice stripped of this key node " a mere 17,000 neurons, located in the evolutionarily ancient hindbrain " can breathe slowly and passively, but not vigorously or animatedly.
We have the evidence of recent German history, and of such pro-German authorities as Professor Hans Delbruck and Dr.
Delbruck F, A Dunstan, D Hargreaves, A Lienert, H Pepper and C Sleeman (2008) The evolution of the Forecasting and Policy System (FPS) at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand', Reserve Bank of New Zealand Discussion Paper, DP2008/19.
It turns out that a different protein, TrkA, is the key to the missing pain signals, Gary Lewin of the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin and colleagues report in the Oct.
Schlieffen's interest in encirclement was enhanced, rather ironically, by his reading an analysis of the battle of Cannae in 216 BCE by Hans Delbruck (1848-1929), the one-time scourge of the German General Staff.
I was impressed by the emigre scientists from Italy and Germany, Salvador Luria and Max Delbruck, and their demonstration that antibiotic resistance in bacteria arises by random, stable mutation, rather than being induced by an antibiotic.
Scientists from the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine in the Helmholtz Association (MDC) and their international partners showed this in a genome-wide study on flatworms.
A special kind of immune cell serves as an intermediary between gut bacteria and the brain, according to Susanne Wolf from Max Delbruck Centre for Molecular Medicine in Germany.
Salvador Luria and Max Delbruck addressed this question in the 1940s with an elegant system called "fluctuation analysis.
Guidelines developed by scientists at the Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) in the Helmholtz Association make it possible for researchers all over the world to obtain the coveted stem cells.
Saffman PG, Delbruck M (1975) Brownian motion in biological membranes.
1975) or fluctuation test (Luria and Delbruck 1943; Hubbard et al.