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a.1.Holding a delegated position.
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In 2012 the Ontario government enacted the Delegated Administrative A uthorities Act, 2012 which is more generic delegatory legislation.
Dave's servant leadership style is both proactive and delegatory, making him a remarkably effective coach and trainer with a focus on helping his team members reach their fullest potential.
In the IAP2 spectrum, the steps are "inform," "consult," "involve," "collaborate," and "empower," with more delegatory power accorded to citizens as one moves through the continuum from left to right (international Association for Public Participation 2012).
President Salva Kiir Mayardit is known for his delegatory and consensual approach to leadership.
John Garang De Mabior, President Salva Kiir Mayardit is known for his delegatory and consensual approach to leadership.
Moreover, further research should systematically compare the relationship between public regulators and CRAs to other delegatory relationships.
They are angry that an application from Chartwell Care Ltd was rubber-stamped by borough council planners, who acted on delegatory powers without needing consultation with councillors or members of the public.
Some tribes developed highly efficient systems of delegatory government while others developed forms of government that were less well organized and more reliant on individual leaders.
Since elected public agents and their various public delegates all share the same public constituency within a sovereign structure--the entire citizenry of the state--unelected public agents can thus be subjected to representative democratic control indirectly, through the delegatory chain of control.
Congress's delegatory intent: courts must defer to agency
Part III of this Note examines the structural causes of illegitimacy at the UN Security Council: a remoteness from elected politics, an extreme grant of delegatory authority to the Security Council and an unrepresentative Council membership.
To make this argument, Grant and Keohane seek to disaggregate accountability into two types--participation and delegation--and they suggest that power-wielders such as international organizations may act pursuant to forms of delegatory accountability even if they are not checked by more direct forms of participation (Ibid.
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