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n.1.One who deliberates.
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They argue that indeterminism could play a useful role, for example, in the generation of a greater number of considerations of alternate possibilities that might become cognitively available to a deliberator than might be available under a deterministic version of that process, but so long as the deliberator selects from among them on the basis of his or her considered values and reasons, the mere presence of the element of chance somewhere in the deliberative process does not entail that the decision is purely random.
Each deliberator, not knowing his or her own place in a given social order, would have good reason to prefer that decisions regarding unowned property be made in light of such rules.
A similar under-determination takes place in the case of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], which is the subject of [section] 8 in the lectures: the object of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] itself"; its [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is "the Being of the deliberator himself"; it is "not a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and not a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; it is the [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] himself.
the other a public speaker and deliberator in the line of Arendt" (Thinking, 95).
He is a solid lookout over issues affecting the city's livability, is a careful deliberator, and is courteous, experienced and eminently dependable.
Whether through pragmatism or Zen, we are left with the image of a president not as a leader--or spare us--even a decider, but as a deliberator.
The same deliberator would also understand that the wrongness of exhibitionism is conventionally contingent--to ascertain its badness and ultimately its wrongness, the deliberator also has to consider the underlying social norms that inform it.
While feelings are hot-headed, sometimes illogical impulses directed by biological commands, the intellect is the cool deliberator, which keeps our emotions in check.
A person cannot become a good deliberator by taking a class or reading a book.
Guilty As Sin, Free As A Bird is the unspectacular title of 79-year-old Eleanor Cook's book and Ray Hultman, 62, will pen The Deliberator.
Ray Hultman, 62, who said after the verdict was delivered he believed Jackson had probably molested boys, is to call his The Deliberator.
Ray Hultman, aged 62, who said after the verdict was delivered that he believed Jackson had probably molested boys, will call his The Deliberator.