v. t.1.(Surg.) To bind up; to bandage.
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Tenders are invited for Deligate Unit Equivalent To Ahuja Model Cmd 4200, Make Ahuja/Philips Only.
Management levels can be seen as a pyramid with management organs that allow the organization to achieve its set targets and deligate tasks to be done by others.
He also served as Egypt's permanent deligate to the United Nations and
Shira Newman was a ca-founder of CanPalNet - Winnipeg and was the first deligate sent by that organization to join the ISM in Palestine.
A deligate from the tribal chairman's office of the Hopi Tribe attended one of the training sessions at Moencopi.
From the iconic jeepneys to the tricycles and pedicabs; the carinderia-style tables and chairs to street vendors peddling halo-halo, sugarcane juice, fresh coconut, and sorbetes; from Virgie's sari-sari store; down to the quaint house by the estero (which is actually a photo booth), Swatch Philippines mogul Virgie Ramos lovingly conceptualized the entire event to extend to the deligates the warmth and hospitality that Filipinos are known for.
4million in affiliation fees but some deligates have called for it to be axed.
RESEARCH TRIP: The Chinese deligates (above) and (inset) who visited Bablake Weather Station to learn about how the UK measure the weather.