n.1.Delineation; sketch.
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Nothing Bonnard painted was self-consciously melancholic; there is no obvious delineament of sadness.
All possible combinations of packing material, temperatures, and storage times were tested, using four repetitions with 25 seeds for each treatment a randomized casualized delineament.
Elle arrive ainsi a connaEtre au menu detail les moindres delineaments de l'ame africaine, reussit a etre profondement sensible au moindre geste africain, a en lire sa symbolique, a en decouvrir son interet, a en explorer sa dimension profonde.
Paterson I, subtitled The Delineaments of the Giants, opens with a description of the topography of Paterson in bodily terms: "Paterson lies in the valley under the Passaic Falls / its spent waters forming the outline of his back" (6).