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a.1.Delightful; delectable.
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And moche the more and profitabler [INI] yf he be mery and glad, and yf he myght have reasonable glory and honoure, and of his enemyes victorye, hope and trust in the peple, in pleyes and sightes to delyte, to se faire faces and visages, and beholde delitable bokes, and to here swete songes and delitable, to laugh amonge tham that loven hym, to be clad in the best clothyng of colour and teyntour, and to be wele an-oynted with the best according oynementis to the tyme.
Ja mes de ceanz n'isterez / Ceste nuit vous covient morir / Dels iert de vostre char porrir / Qui si est bels et delitable [.
Ab molta rao me desenamore car tot lo del mon trob desagradable; la mia edat no veig delitable e ja lo meu cor a Deu l'empenyore.