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n.1.A system of calisthenics patterned on the theories of FranÇois Delsarte (1811 - 71), a French teacher of dramatic and musical expression.
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Examples of early pioneers are Francois Delsarte and Ilse Middendorf.
The theory of codes in distance-regular graphs began with Delsarte [Del73].
Deftly organized into four major sections: Life and Death (Mortality Salience--Awareness of Death); A Brief History (Why We need a System; Aristotle, Diderot, Delsarte, & Fey; The Move Toward Truth; Beyond Stanislavski--The Post-Modern); The Four Elements (Shape; Action; Transaction; Surrender; Putting It All Together); Plays (Death of a Salesman; Ibsen's Heroic Women--Hedda and Nora; Chekhov's People--A Search for Meaning; Hamlet--Gods and Ghosts; The Existential Actor).
For her own production, Holderness uses movement to draw out reality, memory and hallucination in the play, and draws on such sources as Delsarte training, film noir, and Brazilian documents and photographs from the era in which the play was written.
The last chapter on 'Genial' John McCullough and the way this heir-apparent to Forrest took up the Delsarte system's directive of emotional restraint in the 1870s, in fact, gestures to the tangle of theoretical issues surrounding nineteenth-century masculinity that performance itself opens.
In the classical setting, the notion of mean-periodicity was first introduced by Delsarte [4], and then analyzed in depth by Schwartz [16], Kahane [9], Berenstein and Taylor [2].
com)-- Louis Delsarte is Atlanta's figurative artist whose work reflected a departure from the realist style that was predominant among many of the African-American artists during the first half of the twentieth century.
Ademas de artistas, directores, actores o pensadores del teatro, personalidades como Diderot, Delsarte, Brecht, Artaud, Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Grotowsky, Barba y Brook, entre muchos otros, han contribuido al desarrollo de los estudios teatrales y de su practica artistica gracias al reconocimiento del componente investigativo de sus obras.
Inspired by dramaturgy and acting theories, such as those of Delsarte (Stebbins 1886) and Stanislavski (2008), we strive to have the character's look, voice, personality, use of language, nonverbal expressions, backstory, and evolving story line be unified and contribute to an overall engaging experience.
A good position can be secured through the old Delsarte exercise which is as follows:
Shawn had originally studied to be a minister before beginning his dance career as half of a professional ballroom team and was also dedicated to the popular theories originally put forth by French theorist Francois Delsarte (1811-1871) that linked the body with mind and spirit.
Women were encouraged to explore exercise regimes (including Swedish and German physical culture, the Delsarte movement, and, later, various forms of modern dance) and adopt new, more practical (and thus "healthy") clothing and hairstyles.