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of or pertaining to an economic policy that stimulates consumer demand to increase production and employment. Compare supply-side.
demand′-sid`er, n.
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Now, they have pooled talent and their core knowledge to develop what will be the utility industry's most substantial offering of demand side management services and solutions.
Data has been transmitted across a national electricity grid for the first time, in what could be a significant step towards lowering the cost of demand side response technologies through the creation of virtual power plants.
The Energy Demand Side Management Executive Committee of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has been advised that savings in energy are expected to be about 5 percent and in water around 3.
GDP growth is generated via the interaction between the supply side and the demand side of the economy.
This is part of the implementation of the demand side management strategy for the energy industry.
Recently, iPinYou officially launched its North America subsidiary BorderX Lab, in a bid to build a cross-border demand side platform (DSP) marketing platform.
In this research we analyze the unilateral market power on the demand side in the Italian wholesale electricity market.
The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) has hosted a technical workshop for Dubai Government organisations to present its Demand Side Management strategy.
com)-- Electric Ireland and DONG Energy are the latest European utilities to join the Smart Energy Demand Coalition (SEDC), Europe's industry group dedicated to promoting the requirements of demand side programmes in the European electricity markets (http://www.
LEP calls for a 'bottom up' approach to tackle development and law issues at two levels: the demand side (right holders) and the supply side (service providers/duty bearers).
Regent Energy, a company that has the goal of creating cost-effective practical technology solutions to electrical Demand Side Management, has named Robert M Chiste as its new chairman.
Managing the loads in demand side to match the generation in supply side and the means for establishing the real-time interaction between both sides are important and essential.

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