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vb (tr)
1. another word for demarcate
2. archaic to remove all trace of (a person or thing)


(dɪˈmɑr keɪt, ˈdi mɑrˌkeɪt)

v.t. -cat•ed, -cat•ing.
1. to determine or mark off the boundaries of.
2. to separate distinctly: to demarcate the lots with fences.
de•mar′ca•tor, n.
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pricing to extend services through the mpoe, demarcation point, and into the site~s mdf.
The telephone company is responsible from the demarcation point through the CO to the callee's location.
Among its proposed rules are mandatory access parity to residents for providers regardless of owner/renter agreements, non-exclusivity between owners and third-party providers, and relocation of the demarcation point inside the current standard of 12 inches away from the customer's wall.
4 Brazoria County connections will terminate at the IDF room at each locations demarcation point and the Brazoria County Courthouse demarcation point, if applicable.
NYSE: CALX) said it has expanded the Compass suite of software solutions with the addition of Consumer Connect, a cloud-based, software-as-a-service application that virtually extends the access network beyond the traditional demarcation point and all the way to consumer devices.
This minimum point of entry is also called the "local loop demarcation point.
It will explain the importance of the demarc extension, which is the critical cabling that extends a circuit in the building from the local access provider's demarcation point to the customer's premises equipment.
Services Can Provide Dedicated Public Ip Addresses And Lan Nat Translation If Required Services Shall Not Require Any Additional Internal Premise Wiring Beyond The Demarcation Point To Existing Installed Lan Systems Services Shall Connect To Internet2 Access At No Additional Charge.
With a comprehensive suite of operations, administration and maintenance (OAM), the OS900 series can provide network fault and performance management at the network demarcation point to dramatically reduce operating expenses by up to 75% in some cases.
The core business is the installation of VSAT and broadband satellite systems, providing installation of copper and fibre network infrastructure, and network support services such as moves, adds, changes (MACs), demarcation point extensions, router installations and hardware upgrades, Eagle Broadband said.
The ETX-204A has unmatched traffic engineering capabilities, including remarking of Level 2 and Level 3 traffic based on a number of factors, ensuring simple and efficient traffic prioritization not only at the demarcation point, but across the network.
According to RAD its ACE-201 defines a demarcation point between the network of the provider and the premises of the customer, offering the operator end-to-end traffic and network management control.