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vb (tr)
1. another word for demarcate
2. archaic to remove all trace of (a person or thing)


(dɪˈmɑr keɪt, ˈdi mɑrˌkeɪt)

v.t. -cat•ed, -cat•ing.
1. to determine or mark off the boundaries of.
2. to separate distinctly: to demarcate the lots with fences.
de•mar′ca•tor, n.
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EasyLink has offices and partners strategically located throughout the world including the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, Demark, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.
He was responsible for sponsoring at TV3 and has most recently served as head of Viasat Sport, first in Demark and then for all of Scandinavia.
Current Distribution Is From Two Demark Points, One From Golf Avenue And One From Russell Street.
But thanks to the Giving Veterans a Voice project, led by writer Lesley Van DeMark, who works at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) as a student support mentor, they have now met his former comrade in arms, Bob Laverty.
Other highlights in the show include the famous Design Hall where hundreds of selected design products will be displayed, DEmark 2015 (exhibition of outstanding design products receiving Design Excellence Award), Thailand Trade mark (TTM) product, and many more.
Hougaard also underlined the need for expansion of mutual cooperation between Iran and Demark, and welcomed the reciprocal visits by of the two countries?
17 ( ANI ): New archaeochemical evidence derived from samples inside pottery and bronze drinking vessels and strainers from four sites in Demark and Sweden have suggested that Scandinavians may have been drinking Nordic 'grog'.
Thomas Van Demark, Director of Media Relations at LiveTracGuardian, believes that the offering by LiveTracGuardian is revolutionary and makes affordable solution for working families.
Ten times more hurricane surges in future, new research forecasts: New research from the Niels Bohr Institute in Demark shows that there could be a tenfold increase in frequency of major hurricanes if the climate warms by two degrees Celsius.
There were road shows also in Italy, Finland, Sweden, Demark and Norway.
htm) The shocking pictures were published in Demark and in Sweden by its sister title .
The situation is already dire in central Europe with 90% of ash trees in Demark having been lost in seven years.